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Girls Lacrosse


2021 CIF Runner-Up

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VMHS Girls program

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Girls Lacrosse Tryout Results

The coaching staff would like to thank all of the girls that attended tryouts out for the 2022 girls lacrosse season. Below is the list of girls that have made the roster for the Spring 2022 lacrosse season. Over the next month coaches will be working on creating Varsity and JV rosters based on future evaluations during practices. 

If your name is not on the list below and you borrowed equipment for tryouts, please return the equipment to Coach Jarrett (room SS16) on Monday November 15.

Anderson Paradise
Baker Ashlynn
Balos Aniah
Barker Sierra
Berklite Riley
Borges Claire
Borzoni  Isabella
Brown Kenzie
Brown Brooke
Cabrera Destiny
Chaich Macie
Curran Katie
Davalos Isabella
Dominguez Marianna
Eddins Emily
Elliott Alana 
Estrada Juliet
Etmans Gabby
Flexen Daniella
Flexen Vanessa
Glynn Taytum
Greiner Abigail
Grending Nicole 
Guzman  Mckayla 
Hardy Hannah
Harrison Lauren
Jarrett Taylor
Jarrett Riley
Johnson Krystianna 
Karrer Kyra
Katatcha Rehema
Keller Taylor
Lorenz  Emma 
Martin Hannah
Murray Carly
Navarro Kiley
Petrosuis  Nadia 
Phimmasouk Angelina
Rodriguez  Amaiah
Ryder Madelyn
Saldivar Madison
Saldivar Brooklyn
Saphanthong  Cameron
Schlesener  Amanda
Schumann Natalie
Smith Kaitlyn
Spurlock  Ashleigh
Thomas Keely
Weaver  Molly


Please email Coach Jarrett if you have any questions:


Bronco Girls Lacrosse "Keys to Success"

TEAM: Everyone pulling in the same direction with a primary focus on ALWAYS doing what is best for the TEAM.


Play Catch: The ball moves faster than the feet. If we consistently move the ball quickly and maintain possession, we will find success. Be confident in your ability, always looking to make a pass that leads to a quality shot on goal.


The Draw: Obviously, this falls on our midis to win draw possession. Midis need to be aggressive on the whistle, box out opponents, work as a unit, and move the ball quickly downfield. Stats show that if a team dominates the draw, they dominate possession……...and win.


Quality Shots on Goal: The ability of a team to consistently put QUALITY shots on goal is directly linked to the number of goals they score. Don’t give away possession with weak or bad shots.


DRIVE TO THE GOAL: When given a lane to the goal, TAKE IT, even if it means you won’t get a shot off. Drive, draw, and dump. Drive to the goal, draw the defender, and dump to the open girl.


Turnover Margin: Turnover margin directly relates to goals scored by each team. The more positive our turnover margin, the more scoring opportunities we have. Create turnovers in all aspects of the game.


Team Defense: A solid wall of defense is essential to success. All defensive players are key to the overall strategy and must execute as a single, seamless unit. Defend the center of the 8, force all offensive movement outside to the alley. Don’t overcommit positionally.


Movement: We must be moving off ball. Always make your opponent work hard.


Speed: We must be running full speed ALL the time. Conditioning is a premium.


Head Coach Jeremy Jarrett

Parents and Players,

My name is Jeremy Jarrett and I am the Head Girls Lacrosse Coach at Vista Murrieta. If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, would like to volunteer at any time, or just want to send me a message, my best point of contact is my school email as I check it numerous times throughout the day. I try to run the program like a family, where every athlete is an important part of the entire program and plays a crucial role. Also, parents play a key role in their student-athlete's development. I look forward to meeting all of you and building a strong relationship that will allow us to move the program to the next level, and hopefully become one of the more dominant programs in the valley.

I am very excited about the future of the program and coaching the amazing group of young ladies that have begun to transform the Bronco Girls Lacrosse program. I am confident in their desire and work ethic, which will prove to be the most important attributes. Our focus is on fundamental skills developed through workouts this year. If you have questions about training and skill improvement that can be done from home or while on vacation, please feel free to ask. We’re also going to have a lot of fun playing this great game. It is meant to be a blast, and it will be!

Coach Jarrett