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Vista Murrieta Broncos



Interim Head Coach : Gary Matlock

Assistant Coaches: George Jones, J.T. McClennen


JV Head Coach: Ryan Heise 
Assistant Coaches: Michael Tousignant



Freshman Head Coach: Patrick Mason
Assistant Coaches:    David Julio




Areas of Evaluation

          A VMHS baseball player will be evaluated based on the following five areas. 
Although our “five-star” players are usually few and far between, this should be every 
player’s ultimate goal.

1) Physical Ability – size, strength, quickness, hand-eye coordination, “God-given ability”

2) Mental Ability – grades (G.P.A.), knowledge, “baseball IQ”

3) Emotional / Maturity – attitude, hustle, desire, heart, the “little things”

4) Defensive Ability – throwing (pitching), glove work, execution of fundamentals, 
ability to make the “high school play”

5) Offensive Ability – swinging the bat (contact), base running, ability to execute (“small ball”)

There are definite things a player can and should do in order to improve himself in each individual area:

1) Weight Room, good diet, conditioning, plyometrics (stretching)

2) Effort in the classroom, living on the field (“field rat”)

3) Making a conscious decision that baseball is an important part of your life 

4) Long catch, extra ground balls / fly balls, learning in practice

5) Extra swings, making adjustments, “having a plan”


coach legg
Former Head Coach Dave Legg instructs Bronco players