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CLASS Vision Statement

Brian Valenzuela, New York Mets
Vista Murrieta Baseball:Vision Statement (C.L.A.S.S.)

C (Character): The young men in our program will compete with the most effort and determination they can muster, but they will never compromise the integrity of the program to win a game. On a given day, we might be out-played, but we will never be out-hustled or out-classed.

L (Leadership): A VMHS baseball player will accept responsibility for his actions. All players will strive to be positive role models for their fellow students on campus. The young men in our program will have the courage to do the “right thing” even in the most adverse situation.

A (Attitude): All players will understand that “attitude is a decision.” Although we can’t control every situation we are faced with, we can always control how we respond to the situation. A VMHS baseball player will face even the toughest situations with a “can do” attitude.

S (Scholarship): The young men in our program will understand how to properly manage their time to be effective students. Our players will take their on-field discipline and work ethic and apply it in the classroom.

S (Service): A VMHS baseball player must serve and represent his team, his school, and his community in a positive way. He will “give back” to those who support him on his journey.

Vista Murrieta Baseball


According to, a motto is a maxim adopted as an expression of the guiding principle
of an organization. Another definition of a motto is a phrase expressing the spirit or purpose of an organization. This season the coaching staff has selected “One Pitch at a Time” to be our program motto. The purpose of this document is to explain why this motto was chosen and how it relates to the physical, mental, and emotional approach we would like the players in our program to adopt this season.

 It is extremely important that all members of our program truly understand why we have selected “One Pitch at a Time” to be our motto this season. First and foremost, this is an expression that doesn’t just relate to baseball. Whether the guys in our program are working in the classroom, competing in another sport, or participating in any other activity, this philosophy can help them to have success. The point of the motto, as it relates to baseball, is to break the game down to its simplest form – a single pitch. The idea is to invest every ounce of physical, mental, and emotional energy into that one pitch and then move on from there to the next pitch. By learning to play the game this way, we are hopeful that the young men in our program will apply the same attitude and focus to all aspects of their lives. We truly want our Bronco Baseball Players to understand and demonstrate the importance of playing and living “in the moment,” and that is why we chose this motto.


As mentioned earlier, the other aspect of this document is to clarify how our motto will relate to how we approach all aspects of the game itself. From a physical standpoint, there isn’t much to discuss. The ability for a member of our program to succeed physically will directly relate to how well that individual prepares himself on an everyday basis within our practice sessions. It has been said that, “Failing to prepare correctly is preparing to fail.” This saying should never apply to any of the guys in our program. During a contest, a player will simply be asked to trust his preparation as it relates to the physical aspect of his performance. The mental part of the game should be just as simple. Yogi Berra famously once said, “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.” Although this expression might not make mathematical sense, most baseball experts would agree that Yogi is correct in making the point that a large part of being a successful ballplayer is based on a player’s mental approach to the game. By following the principle of our motto, we have totally simplified the mental approach of playing Bronco Baseball. The emotional part of the game is at times the most difficult aspect for many high school competitors. So many times in baseball (and in life) a person spends too much time worrying about things he can’t control. During a game if a participant allows himself to worry about things like the opponent, the umpire, the crowd, etc., the game becomes much more difficult for that individual. Dr. Ken Ravizza, one of the most respected sports psychologists in his profession, believes that, “Attitude is a decision.” He further clarifies that statement by saying that, “although an individual does not have the ability to control what happens, he does have the ability to control how he chooses to respond in any given situation.” It is critical that all members of our program “buy-in” to our motto from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective. 


After reading this document, it should be clear why the coaching staff has chosen “One Pitch at a Time” as our motto for the 2011 season. Each member of our program is expected to do everything within his power to apply the principles of this maxim to the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of playing Bronco Baseball. More importantly, it is our hope that the process of playing the game within this philosophy will help each of the young men in our program to be successful in everything they do as they move through life as well. 



Centerfielder Aaron Fischbach makes the catch at Dodger Stadium.