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Lacrosse is the nation’s fastest-growing team sport and opportunities abound at both the varsity and club levels. Well over 30,000 athletes play some form of collegiate lacrosse each year. If your athlete is interested in playing collegiate lacrosse, please know that there is a college team for every player.  The links below will take you to the major college lacrosse organizations.


The Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) includes about 200 club teams from around the country and concludes its season with national championships at the Division I and II levels. The National Collegiate Lacrosse League (NCLL) is primarily based along the Eastern Seaboard and features more than 140 teams.


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Scholarships in lacrosse generally cover just a portion of the costs associated with going to college. The chart below shows the maximum number of scholarships permitted in NCAA Division I and II lacrosse as compared to the average roster size per team. Not all schools award the maximum number of scholarships allowed and no scholarships are awarded in NCAA Division III based on athletic ability.  

Division Scholarships Avg. Roster Size
NCAA Div 1 Mens 12.6 48.3
NCAA Div 1 Womens 12.0 29.9
NCAA Div 2 Mens 10.8 39.8
NCAA Div 2 Womens 9.9 22.9


The above information is from US Lacrosse.  Please keep in mind that schools routinely offer a combination of atheltic scholarships and academic scholarships.