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Getting set up with SnapRaise


Step #1

 Grab your phone, you’ll be will be using it to set up your profiles profiles

for Snap Raise. 

Take a nice selfie(a photo that would make your grandma say “What a handsome young man”), remember, you are representing our program with this selfie so I recommend a nice, smiling photo of just you. 


Step #2 

Review the PDF here:

Step #3  

Use the QR Code or link on the PDF to join our campaign. If you are new to Snap Raise you’ll need create an account, I recommend a personal email address. If you have done Snap raise before, log into your existing account, there is a ‘forgot password’ link if you need it. On your profile make sure to add your photo, name, and phone number. Then click ‘Save and continue’ After that you should be on the screen with the preload emails box. 


Step #4

We start our fundraiser with Snap Raise on Saturday the 13th of Nov. Your effort in this campaign is important to me, yourself, and our program, It is expected that you all to participate! 

The work is easy, all that you have to do is preload 20 or more emails of people who can and might support us into your account. Everyone must have their emails completed BEFORE our meeting on Saturday.

Please ask your parents or guardians for help gathering these emails. Your emails must be quality, the rules are NO HS Friends, NO Teachers and NO fake emails, We will be tracking this. PLEASE DO NOT PROCRASTINATE, we can’t launch until everyone has done their part so get this done ASAP tonight. What we fundraiser helps pay directly for tournaments, balls, uniforms. Without these funds the program can not function effectively. Please do your part so we can keep giving back to you, and our future teams.